Caught in a Trap

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Elvis, aka Declan Rigney, has lived in his own world for thirty years. He talks like Elvis Presley, dresses like Elvis Presley and even lives on a “ranch” called Graceland. Full-time beef farmer and part-time musician, he drafts in young electronic music producer Darragh O’Loughlin to freshen up his sound. As their collaboration unfolds, it is more than Elvis’s outdated sound that gets all shook up. Darragh is startled to find that an old flame of his who disappeared from his life a few years before is installed in Graceland as Elvis’s Pricilla. Little by little, Darragh and Ciara Kelly take up where they left off. Although Elvis suspects that Ciara is “a-drifting”, as he calls it, he doesn’t realise that the reason for this is the producer who calls to his house every Saturday to work on his songs. Perhaps spurred on by the guilt at the pain their romance is causing an ever more off-the-wagon Elvis, Darragh and Ciara decide to help him by reconciling him with a past he refuses to talk about. The pair do some digging and uncover the events that led to the death of Declan Rigney and the birth of Elvis. The question is: how can they force Elvis to confront his past?

Caught in a Trap is a tale of betrayal, guilt, dark secrets and jealousy set in a west of Ireland where the past is impossible to escape and the errors committed in youth follow you through life.

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