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Bed-making, Breeding and Cats

One of the firmest (you will get the pun later!) cultural differences that I have noticed between Ireland and Spain is the importance of bed-making. Now, I’m no slob, was brought up well and will never leave undone a bed … Continue reading

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The Galanthophile

A man I once knew was prone to talking about snowdrops at this time of the year. He was a galanthophile — a collector of snowdrops — and from the beginning of February to the middle of March was in … Continue reading

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An Egg-ceptionally Warm Night

Did you ever find yourself out on your balcony at four in the morning with an egg in your hand, mulling over whether to loft the said ovoid into the air with the intention of making it do the Humpty … Continue reading

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“The Lady in Red”: the Worst Song Ever

All music lovers have a set of songs they hold dear to them, carry them with them as they move through life, and consider to be the best combinations of words and music ever put to vinyl, optical disk or … Continue reading

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Smartphones, Mid-life Crises and Penis Envy

There exists a category of person I like to call a “phone person”. One of these will not only have the latest, slimmest, fastest smartphone on the market, and will not only spend inordinate amounts of time swiping the phone’s … Continue reading

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