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Gearóid Iarla and Ennis

In Inis an Laoigh in mid-bay, in Clonroad of the kings, listening to the gurgling of streams, I have been for two months.   These were my three kinds of music: the playing of O’Brien’s harp while drinking beer, the … Continue reading

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Where The Streets Have No Shame

Imagine a street called Hitler Street. Or a plaza name after Göring. Or a Himmler Way. Or a Pol Pot Avenue. Or seeing the Klu Klux Klan flag engraved on the wall outside a village church. In most parts of … Continue reading

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Pig Dead, Soldier On

There’s a cant used on one side of my family: “pig dead, soldier on”. When someone asks for a favour that cannot be granted, requiring the person seeking the favour to continue whatever he or she was doing, those four … Continue reading

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Like most people, I have been using the word limelight for many years without knowing (or even considering) its origins. Lately, I happened to read Richard Kirwan’s excellent If Maps Could Speak — a history Ireland’s Ordinance Survey and memoir … Continue reading

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Blonds Have More Sun

This week I’m going to paddle along the dangerous shoreline of that sea known as “skin colour”. I’ll also write about hair and eye colour. Well aware of the undercurrents that could pull me under, as well as the potholes … Continue reading

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